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One of the many strange aspects of being a ministerial student at Oxford is knowing that the city you live in is mirrored by a vast underground city. A city of books. The Bodleian library is a vast interconnected series of tunnels reaching miles out of the city. This city is populated by a mysterious species of house elves who spend their lives zooming about on bumper cars collecting...
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The Beloved

Unitarianism permits us to change – the way we see and understand the world, our philosophy, our theology. It recognises that identity is a flowing thing, that we are process, not product. As the great French philosopher, Michel Foucault said:

“Do not ask me who I am and do not ask me to remain the same.”

So it is that after entering the denomination fairly humanist in my...
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Social value and impact statement

The chapel committee has agreed a new statement on the social value and impact that Cross Street Chapel has on the community. The text of that statement is inside.

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The power of story

“Once upon a time..” – the magical phrase probably exists in every language of the world. The one I remember is the Spanish version which translates as “There was a time when…”

These formulae of enchantment evoke another kind of time, sacred time, a time before the burden of linear history in which we live out our everyday existence. A time when the world was young, the...
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Where once we had wings…

I had never particularly warmed to angels. As fluffy cherubs they seemed bordering on the sickly and theologically, they made no sense to me. As good Unitarians, who needs intermediaries between the human soul and the divine spirit?

Despite the vigilance of a rational mind, the dark wings of angels could sometimes be heard but these wings were not the wings of Renaissance cupids. The...
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