Seeing Through the Darkness

Because we are imperfect and love so Deeply we will never have enough days, We need the gift of starting over, beginning Again: just this constant good, this Saving hope. – Nancy Shaffer, “Because We spill not only milk”

Forrest Church, an eminent Unitarian minister, spoke of Nancy Shaffer as embodying a world “riddled with epiphanies, her...
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Expressing a moment of the eternal

“Art is like beginning a sentence before you know its ending. The risks are obvious: you may never get to the end … or having gotten there, you may not have said anything. This is probably not a good idea in public speaking, but it’s an excellent idea in making art.” – David Bayles and Ted Orland, Art and Fear

Bayles and Orland are writing about art, but I...
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Who are our kindred?

True kindness presupposes the faculty of imagining as one’s own the suffering and joy of others. Without imagination, there can be weakness, theoretical or practical philanthropy, but not true kindness. – Andre Gide, Pretexts, Reflections on Literature and Morality

There are times when I miss something that’s plainly in front of me; we have a special recording device at chapel,...
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The Power WE Have

Recognising the good we do in this world is important for ourselves

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