Weddings & civil partnerships

Celebrate your big day at Cross Street Chapel!

John & Allen

John & Allen

Just like our spirituality, Unitarian weddings and civil partnerships are extremely diverse and deeply personal to the couple making the commitment.

There is no set liturgy, and every part of the service can be chosen by the couple with the minister’s help. We believe that when two people are making this kind of commitment to each other, they need to be able to make it freely and honestly, without having their words chosen for them by someone else.

“We had approached the Unitarians because we had heard of their positive, welcoming attitude to diverse groups and open acceptance of gay people. We liked the simple, open space of the chapel immediately and its welcome was embodied in Jane’s warmth, sincerity and clarity.

“Thank you Jane, thank you all the Unitarians who have over centuries created this alternative space that lovingly welcomes and celebrates difference.”

— John & Allen Christey-Casson, Dec 2012.

All faiths and none

joyful chapel interior

Unitarians welcome people of all faiths and none to their services, and the same can be said for weddings and civil partnerships.

If you have different faiths, or you feel that services offered by your own faith are unable to accommodate your own beliefs and commitments, then perhaps a Unitarian ceremony is for you.

Unitarian views on same-sex marriage

Unitarians believe that marriage should be open to all, regardless of gender.

We have been granted an “opt-in” to allow same-sex religious marriages to take place in the chapel!

We are thankful for the recent changes in the law that allow us to do this, but we continue to push for the day when the celebration of love no longer has to be an “opt-in” for us.