Returning more than gifts

“ … the vibrations set in motion by the words that we utter reach through all space and the tremor is felt through all time.”

Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell was a Unitarian in the nineteenth century, the first female American astronomer, the first woman elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences … and she discovered a comet. “Miss Mitchell’s Comet”...
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Playing an Advent(ure)

“… in the human spirit, December is a time of lights, rising over the depths of darkness are the lights of human ideals.” – Carl J. Nelson

We are now into the season of Advent, a season of ‘preparation.’ Traditionally, this would have been preparation for the second coming of Jesus – advent was a time of fasting and reflection. More recently, it may be a...
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Exploring our Divine World

“Each window tells a story about the creation of the world, the meaning of history, the purpose of life, the nature of humankind, the mystery of death. The windows of the cathedral are where the light shines through.” – Forrest Church, Cathedral of the World

Last week I used a story about Tom’s early days to present Unitarianism as a living faith; that rather than seek out...
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What Children Can Teach Us

“When all is quiet and we are small and the night is dark, may we hear the tender breathing of all who lie awake with us” Jane Rzepka

When my son Thomas was about two months old, I recall one evening (amongst many) without sleep. I think there must be a biological event where new parents’ brains are rewired from the lack of sleep to ensure their priorities are aligned to new life....
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Neither Belief nor Ritual but Spirit and Love

I hold this most sacred duty – the gathering together of a number of people who shall so agree to live by the best they know, that they shall be free to live by the best they know. – DH Lawrence

Lawrence finishes his reading by saying that the “religion … must be practised.” For many people religion is based around a set of beliefs, or perhaps ritual. This chapel and movement...
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Building towards, building on, building with Peace

“Peace is not the absence of war; it is virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice.”’ – Baruch Spinoza

The suggestion that peace is about presence rather than merely an absence is found in many forms: a presence of justice, of Christ, of God, creativity. Perhaps the most well-known is Martin Luther King Jr’s “True peace is not merely the...
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