Death of Natalia Strelchenko

Cross Street Chapel is shocked and saddened at the death of Natalia Strelchenko. She was for a long time our “pianist in residence” and had performed here on numerous occasions, including recitals and services. Her music brought great joy and profound beauty to many over her years in Manchester.

Natalia shared with us not only her musical virtuosity, but other interests,...
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Cross Street Chapel in the news

A recent article in the MEN has focused on the continuing exhumations outside our chapel. Our minister, the Rev. Cody Coyne, shared his thoughts on the experience and anticipation for the future. Click here for the article.

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A few thoughts on Mystery

If Unitarians were to have a mantra – a repeated phrase by which we could help give meaning to our lives – it may be “Living the question” – to recognise that life is a full engagement with the sacred mysteries that shape our lives; that burning bush within our hearts that can guides us by conscience but elusively responds “I am” when asked about its name. Our...
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Pride Café and Craft Fair

By popular demand, the Pride Café is back this year with a craft fair on the concourse too!

Saturday 23rd August (Pride day), 10 am – 5 pm.

See the event page for more details!

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Stack request please!

One of the many strange aspects of being a ministerial student at Oxford is knowing that the city you live in is mirrored by a vast underground city. A city of books. The Bodleian library is a vast interconnected series of tunnels reaching miles out of the city. This city is populated by a mysterious species of house elves who spend their lives zooming about on bumper cars collecting...
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The Beloved

Unitarianism permits us to change – the way we see and understand the world, our philosophy, our theology. It recognises that identity is a flowing thing, that we are process, not product. As the great French philosopher, Michel Foucault said:

“Do not ask me who I am and do not ask me to remain the same.”

So it is that after entering the denomination fairly humanist in my...
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