The Gaskell Society
12:15 pm to 2:15 pm

from the Gaskell Society website: http://gaskellsociety.co.uk/event/manchester-meeting-7-march-2017/

Tuesday 7 March, 12:15 pm2:15 pm

Manchester and its Suburbs in the 19th Century

A Talk by Alan Kidd.
When the Gaskells moved to Plymouth Grove they were following the trend amongst the early Victorian middle classes for living in newly created suburbs just beyond the urban area. A semi-rural idyll separate from but within easy reach of the city was the ideal for the new rich of the industrial era. The families of bankers, manufacturers, merchants and professionals (like the Gaskells) trod the same path outwards. This talk will revisit the era when Manchester was among the first cities to be transformed by suburban development and will compare the experience of the Gaskells to those of their contemporaries in Plymouth Grove and in the other pioneer suburbs that grew up around Victorian Manchester.