Current Courses

Faith in Life

Have you ever seen events in your life converge and work perfectly? Or maybe difficulties have challenged your faith and understanding of the world. For people of faith, how we view our lives reveals a great deal about our beliefs. ‘Faith in Life’ is a new course out of Cross Street Chapel where participants will share and explore the impact their lives have on their faith. We can’t promise answers, but we believe there is something to gain from sharing these challenges and hearing other’s experiences.

Faith in Life will be led by William West, whose experience and interest in this area will guide us through our life’s journey. The course will run on the 4th Sunday of every month (currently via Zoom) from 2:30-4

Space is limited, so please write to [email protected] or phone 0161 834 0019 to learn more or reserve a spot!

Me and White Supremacy

As part of its commitment to racial justice (see our statement on BLM here), Cross Street will be running courses based on Layla Saad’s “Me and White Supremacy.” Layla Saad’s book is a 28-day exercise looking at aspects of racism and white privilege.

We aim to run the course 2-3 times a year, with limited numbers. Please write to [email protected] or phone 0161 834 0019 for more information.

Upcoming Courses

Intro to Unitarianism

Run as a 90-minute session after chapel, Intro to Unitarianism explores the philosophy, culture and history of Unitarianism, primarily from the viewpoint of Cross Street Chapel. An excellent opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the development of Unitarianism.