Unitarians Gathered at Pride

Cross Street Chapel is committed to building a loving and caring community in Manchester. This is through primarily the support of charities and initiatives beneficial to the inhabitants of the city. We work regularly with other faiths, inter-faith and inter-civic organisations. Many of our regular lets are charitable enterprises working with disadvantaged people.

The chapel also participates in Pride, and has hosted events by the Forgiveness Project, the Muslim Education and Development, amongst others. Every year we collect food for the Salford Food Bank and toys for Wood Street Mission.


Manchester has seen a rise in Homelessness over the past several years. Our hearts are broken every time we see someone in such desperate need. Unfortunately, direct giving is often discouraged, and we hope and work towards more systemic changes that will resolve the epidemic in our city.

For the past few years, Cross Street has worked with Shelter to campaign and promote discussion around homelessness and unsafe housing.

Another group who have previously held a ‘store’ at Cross Street Chapel is Coffee4Craig. We recommend checking them out.

Other areas of support and care can be found at streetsupport.net, Manchester Council’s campaign to tackle homelessness.

Hate Crime

Abuse and aggression against anyone because of their (or their perceived) ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or subculture is a crime and detrimental to all Mancunians.

The chapel is a member of the Challenging Hate Forum, a group of civic and religious bodies that gather monthly to discuss ways of eradicating Hate Crime in the city.

Anyone who is a victim or witness to hate crime is encouraged to report it, either to the police, through a 3rd Party Reporting Centre (http://www.manchester.gov.uk/download/downloads/id/22715/third_party_reporting_centres.pdf) , or online via the TrueVision website ( http://report-it.org.uk/your_police_force )

We encourage all people to participate in Hate Crime Awareness Week in early February. Follow community events at #WeStandTogether.

Refugee Support

Cross Street Chapel is committed to helping refugees, who have travelled great distance and suffered incredible hardship to escape war, violence and persecution. Every other month the chapel hosts City of Sactuary  for a meal and gathering.

If you are looking to support asylum seekers, or need assistance, consider turning to RAPAR, as well as the Boaz Trust