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Death of Natalia Strelchenko

Cross Street Chapel is shocked and saddened at the death of Natalia Strelchenko. She was for a long time our “pianist in residence” and had performed here on numerous occasions, including recitals and services. Her music brought great joy and profound beauty to many over her years in Manchester.

Natalia shared with us not only her musical virtuosity, but other interests, such as painting. She was passionate about bringing world-class music to wide audiences. We have seen few people with such passion, laughter and joy in life and performing as her. We have felt blessed to have known her, and heard her play, and now we mourn the world’s loss of so skilled a musician. She will be remembered not only for incredible virtuosity, but also her zeal and passion for life. In our mourning we hold her family and friends; may they be in our thoughts and prayers.

A recital in her honour is being planned, and more details will follow when available.

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